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  The day will come when you're tired of being ignored and unimportant. When the benefit of the doubt expires and you can't stand another minute of blaming yourself for not-enoughness.
  And then you might start to believe that there are people out there who will think you deserve honesty and respect and to be heard. Who won't disregard your feelings. Who will be a safe space, not a battlefield.
  Who maybe will help you realise you're not the odd one of this world who's not allowed to have problems or make mistakes. And they won't build walls, but bridges.
  But even if you won't meet any, you'll know you'll be fine on your own. You'll be done giving yourself up just so others would care about you or give you a glimpse of belonging, but also you'll be done beating up on yourself for having done that for so long. You won't stop loving them, but you'll learn to love yourself enough to walk away.
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