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August 20 2018

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August 02 2018

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July 24 2018

I am the unlucky lover
I can’t go to you
And I can’t get back to me
My heart rebelled on me
— M. Darwish
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July 19 2018

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July 16 2018

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July 09 2018

Reasons to marry me: We'd eat pizza and listen to good music together and we'd probably fuck 14 times a week and buy too many pets and build pillow forts.

— ❤️
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July 07 2018

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July 02 2018

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Cała ta praca. Cały ten zgiełk. Cały ten ból. Cała ta miłość. Cały ten zwariowany rytm, po prostu cały ten jazz.
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June 27 2018

Jesteśmy sami nawet gdy kochamy i kochają nas i tak prędzej czy później zaczyna przerażać ich ten chaos w nas.
— Bisz - Bezpańskie Psy
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June 25 2018

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Nikt nas nie widział, — chyba te ćmy,
Co puszyścieją w przelocie.
I tak nam słodko, że tylko — my
Wiemy o naszej pieszczocie.
— Leśmian "Tajemnica", 1936
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June 22 2018

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June 19 2018

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June 12 2018

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June 11 2018

Language is a pleasure, after all. Bilingualism strikes me as a kind of synesthesia. Instead of seeing colors associated with letters and words, instead of hearing melodies, what I hear with language is the play and echo of the other language. The option to say it differently, and thus to live it differently. Language is not only a means of communication or description. It’s a framework in which we process existence.Yi writes: “It is hard to feel in an adopted language, yet it is impossible in my native language.” As every bilingual person and translator knows, there are certain words—a feeling, a way of being—that is absent in one language but perfectly brought to life in another. A word that, by existing, gives permission to be. What if you need that which does not exist in your language?
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If I were to pray at this moment, I don’t think I would say anything at all. I would just get down and lightly kiss the earth. That’s the least I can do.
— James Wright
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June 04 2018

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